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  1. i probably need to be more selective in my mod choices. After being a CBBE user for years, i'm moving over FG -which i like so much better (nothing against CBBE, it's an excellent body), and i'm just grabbing everything that says 1.75+ on it, running it through BS and loading the game.
  2. I found Ivy in a general search for custom voiced companions. It's hard to find decently voiced companions.
  3. Oh, snap! You're THAT Kharneth. Thank you so much for the FG conversions. I'm currently looking at your Sara_Outfit Preset with various outfits and yeah, the mods i showed above have the same issues with your preset as mine.
  4. Here's what my original outfit slider was set to and where i'd really like to be, but you can see how the outfit is crushed in the center. So for me to eliminate that, i have to forgo the desired effect. Again with this preset, nearly all the outfits have this issue, it's just really noticeable on clothes with logos, words, etc. EDIT: I dont' know why the body is so dark in BS. It shows up fine in game.
  5. i got the conversion for that mod off of "Tullius Channel" website. This mod does the very same thing as the screenshot in the op. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38004 . It's something about the way i try to make my outfits look like the woman is wearing support.
  6. that looks good, however, i originally had the cleavage slider up to keep the breasts together rather than the bra-less look.
  7. Here's my current bodyslide settings for outfits. I'm using the body from this page: I don't think it matters, but thought it bears mentioning. Astor Fusion Girl Clothing IV.xml
  8. I think what he's trying to say is that his F-F animations don't equip the strap-on so his ladies are just humping air. I'm still trying to solve that issue myself.
  9. Whenever i try to change the shape in OS, it tells me that i can't save after changing the sliders or some such. The only thing i can do is increase, decrease or smooth the mesh. Anything else and can't save it. I know it's me not knowing what the hell i'm doing with the program and not OS, but the result is the same.
  10. Uniboob... i see one in the outfit list, but not the body preset list. I tried making my own, but that... didn't go well. Right now, my "work around" was to take my preset and spread the breasts apart. it works to straighten out the outfits, but the downside is losing the bra-like appearance of the clothes.
  11. i get this with all fg 1.75+ outfits i download. I posted that pic because the words on the shirt make the issue easier to see. The mod pages show the outfits looking good, but when i run it through bodyslide, that's the result i get. I'm using the updated zex skeleton with nothing overriding it.
  12. I need some guidance on how to fix this issue: I downloaded the FG files and this looks nothing like the screen shots on the mod page. I see this with nearly all of my armors and i'm clueless on what to do about it.
  13. I'd really like to see Ivy be able to take on a more dominant role in the romantic relationship. She's already boisterous, blunt and raunchy. Putting the PC into a sexually subservient role seems entirely within her wheelhouse, not to mention, as a sex-bot, it should be built into her programming.
  14. I've had her disappear from time to time as well. This kind of thing happens in both FO and Skyrim and is usually caused by a hair mod or skin overlay. Sometimes it's also caused by hair/clothes/body physics glitching out. That being said, as far as FO4 is concerned, i've only ever seen this happen with Ivy and occasionally Heather Casdin.,
  15. MCG has the settlers in Starlite Drive-In shagging like jack-rabbits. Can't walk through the place without hearing slappin 'n' slurpin
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