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Weird...bug...or wtf?


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Well, i was playing a dungeon, and when i was about to kill a enemy (i was low life too) he killcam'd me and i killcam'd him at same time. Both annimations was the "being killed" annimation.

But his killcam was the one that he cut my head off, and mine a common one.

well, i had now in 3rd person camera a headless body walking and slashing and my head on the floor, and my outfit texture stuck in it, and now its just dynamic white lines stuck in my hands. And also i got blood on my neck, and my char does not execute any annimation(walking does) neither voices(i.e. shouts)

Screen shots:










Got my head back after showracemenu common debug.

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it seems like you were not supposed to live, :P

if you have a save before that happened you should probably use it or try changing your race, and then going back to your original race with showracemenu.

if neither of those work or well you dont have a old save.

then you could all ways play the rest of the game glitchy

or just make a new character.

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