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Had to Reinstall, LoversBackup2 not working

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I had to do a total reinstall of everything due to my game CTDing everytime I started the game. Everytime I start now, I get a pop up message that a plugin is not installed and LoversBackup2 will not run. 


on an unrelated note, the penis stretches into infinity, and this has been a problem since I installed the most recent LAPF download for the first time on a clean oblivion install. I've been reading it's a skeleton issue, but I've installed the Growlf's Universal skeleton, then tried the one for slof's boners (which made the problem worse)

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You need pluggy for lovers backup as the error message pops up and tells you.



As to the infinity....well your reading "parts" and not the whole.  You FIRST install the bodies and the skeleton and THEN install the LAPF and this won't happen.


There is NO REASON to install slof's boners EVER.  The version of boners we have included in the LAPF are weight painted and matched up with the LAPF skeleton and you have to use those or the whole system falls apart.  

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