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I want to use these together, how can I make it happen?


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Sexlab Rape spell








There are 2 issues that come up and both are Defeat options showing up during Rapespell events. First the struggle bar often appears, this I can shut off to by-pass so not that big of a deal, the second is after a rapespell event the character drops to her knees overwhelmed, this causes nearby NPC to grab the victim from behind as if in Defeat but it usually ends up leaving my PC frozen or messes with aggro, I have looked at Rapespell in CK but I am far too inexperienced to know what I am looking for...



I am also curious if its possible to add Rapespell to leveled lists so that bandits have a chance to cast it, at this point it is only friendly npc using it.


Thanks for reading and patiently answering my constant questions, I have learned a lot but I have a long way to go...


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