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Weird P2P Problem


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I am not sure if I should post it here or in off-topic, but lately my connection has been weird probably thanks to the monopolizing ISP here. Today I found out that my torrent was not working at all. However another PC connected to the same network is able to, so I began wondering.

I tried to download the same file using my phone connected to the same network via wi-fi and it works. Surprisingly, the torrent on my PC also began to download. Its been trying to connect to peers and this also goes to other files I'm seeding.

Now I'm wondering what could be the problem in this case. This weird behavior started when my PC lost all connection to the internet at last Saturday night despite the fact that other devices are working fine. Changed the LAN cable to it as well.

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Try resetting your modem / IP address. Either unplug the modem for five-or-so minutes, or go into CMD (Windows 8.1: right click on the windows logo on your taskbar and hit run, type in cmd and hit enter, Windows 7 should have a "Run" option in its start menu, hit it and type cmd and hit enter) and type ipconfig, hit enter, type ipconfig release, hit enter and then type ipconfig renew and hit enter again. At the end of either of these processes, you will have a new address.

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