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Sexlab Framework Sex Animation's Don't Work


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i'm having problems with the sexlab framework toggle sex animation's I know that you have to use different sex mods to get the sexlab animations to work it doesn't matter what sex mod I use that are on loverslab i've tried almost all & nothing I can't get any of them to work i've tried these defeat/devious devices assets/devious devices expansion/devious devices intergration/dibella sisterhood/sex addicts/sexlab romance/sexlab aroused/sexlab match maker/sexlab approach/sexlab attractions I tried all of these to see if it wasn't just happening with one mod they are all up to date i'm using the nexus mod manager with them & i'm also using a ps3 controller to play the game instead of the keyboard I always update the fnis generator after I download a mod I make sure the requirement's are installed before I download a mod I have never got the sexlab toggle animations to work I don't know what i'm doing wrong if you know what i'm doing wrong or can help me with a step by step tutorial on how to get them to work I would really appreciate it

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Wow, that's probably the longest sentence I ever read :P anyways, could you describe what are you trying to do and how SL doesn't work? I am afraid that troubleshooting with "it's just don't work" is a bit hard. Also posting a load order would be a great help.

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