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Amalia the follower MWBS cannot be found.


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Dude... seriously, 9 of your posts are 3 topics (2 are asking the same issue) within an hour of eachother in two forums that have NOTHING to do with what you're asking for, and one post asking how to delete within only one of those new threads. Post once and wait. You should be in Skyrim Tech support, not in general tech or general adult. 



Don't make another new thread for the love of pete. Wait until a moderator can consolidate them for you and hope someone can fix your issue. I'm guessing with the HDT and CBBE that you don't have a body that supports weight painting. And uninstalling and reinstalling any mod that has scripts is a big frickin' no no. See if a new game has your follower showing back up in the club (I don't even know if this is for another game, just assuming it's skyrim...)



Please... don't make any more threads...

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