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Choices when installing Setbody 3DM Enhanced 2.1


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Is anyone familiar with Setbody 3DM Enhanced 2.1?

Download link: http://freakshare.com/files/v4eq9402/SetBody_3dm-Enhanced_2.1.omod.html


When installing it in OBMM, it has a series of options.

First option:

- Oiled bodies

- Normal bodies


Second option:

- Naked: separated upper and lowerbody

- "Special" naked, joined body

- "Underwear" version, separated upper and lowerbody


Third option:

- Normal body

- GUTS (muscular)


Fourth option:

- Bcup

- Ccup

- Dcup

- Ecup

- Fcup

- HAcup

- HBcup


Fifth option (lowerbody):

- S

- M

- L

- LL


I thought setbody is supposed to allow choosing between all of these options any time? Why is it asking me to choose which ones to install? I want to install all of them.


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Can you share the link, ill check it out. All i know is after you make a choice there will be a folder where all body types are stored and you can replace the nifs for example if you put your dmra mesh in acup folder then you cast set body spell and choose acup then it will be dmra.

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1st option: You have to choose between oiled and normal you can NOT have both!


2nd option: Choose - Naked: separated upper and lowerbody - (I am guessing that you don't want an underwear body and the special body is not compatible if you want to switchout later).


3rd option: This is asking you what the default setting should be. You can change it later on yourself and individuals via the setbody spell.


4th option: This is only asking you what the default is. You can change it later via the spell on yourself and other individuals and yes it will install all cup sizes and there even is some pregnant meshes in there. :)


5th option: This also sets the default.


Once you have chosen your desired options just go to oblivion\data\characters\bombshell and you should see 30+ folders full of meshes that the game will pick from when a pc gets naked :)

NOTE: If I remember right some of the alex collect folder bodies won't work unless you:

A. Change the folder names to english (removing the asian/english name mix).

B. Go into the cs and change the path name to the corrected location you made in the above.


Hope that sets the record straight. I simply love this mod. If you don't like a particular body type and don't want to ever see it again you can just browse over to the bombshell folder and go to that particular body type and switch out the mesh for something else.


Once "in game" you will have a spell to set your own body and another to set an npc's and then the decisions come....which of the tons of meshes to choose. If the pc/npc gets naked for any reason (yes even with sex with lovers pk) the auto-setbody will kick in and choose a body for them - which you can switch out to be their default from then on if you choose. This is the enhanced feature that this one has.

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Ah I see so it basically just sets the default.

I found that oil doesn't really work though, I mean if I select the oil textures version it practically permanently replaces all my vanilla race textures (good thing I clicked "no" when asking to replace those files). Shouldn't it create those oiled textures into a different folder? Anyways it's not really a big deal, if everyone was oiled it'll look a bit weird.

I don't quite understand why this is "enhanced", isn't the whole point of the mod to set the body of the NPC? This mod just adds a ton more body types right?

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The enhanced portion is it has tons more bodies and more textures than the normal setbody version (the size of the file should be a major clue here :)). Plus it features the auto-setbody feature I mentioned before in the above post.


Unfortunately if you go oil textures you are stuck with oil for all. You won't find any mods that are built to install oily textures for some and normal for others. This just won't ever work as what then would it do for the exposed portions of your skin with armors? I do like the oily look but it is just to much F'ing trouble to bother with IMHO.


Anyway hope you have fun with it :)

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Sorry I didn't get the auto-setbody feature you mentioned. Is this what you mean?

- Cast NPC set body spell on an NPC

- Choose body

Then they'll use that body for the rest of the game until I change it again? Er isn't that the whole point in the original setbody? It would be nice to actually change body type in the middle of lovers with pk scene... ie getting pregnant. =p

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Well, unless something isn't installed right or broken, when you get them naked for the first time the auto-setbody will kick in and auto set their body to one of the available options. It will choose at random. Sometimes this may not be obvious as some of the bodies are indeed similar. You can check if this is functioning by starting sex with them and hitting the console button. You "should" see a setbody entry that it randomly selected a body type for the npc. That random assignment of a body mesh will stick to that character for the rest of the game unless you manually change it.

NOTE: There are only a couple of body types for men but that should not be much of a surprise.


All the "other" setbody mods are set to one default and you have to manually change this.


Sadly the pregnant mesh is just a random option and I replaced it with another regular body on my install. It annoyed me that I went to have sex with some random hottie with big jugs bouncing and then we start sex and suddenly her breasts are b cup and she is 8 months pregnant :(


For the body type changing with the stages of pregnancy you will need one of the lovers plugins that does this.

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Hmm the auto-set doesn't seem to work for me, but it's not big deal I guess.

I have this body mesh that I want to use to replace one of the bodies in this mod, however the mesh I want to use is the entire body joined into 1 .nif file. I checked the bombshell folder and everything is separated into 4 files (upper, lower, hands, feet). How do I replace one of the bodies?

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Strange that the auto-set isn't working for you. :huh:

Well maybe it works in conjunction with loversSetbody.esp in that the lovers mod will draw from it. Been too long ago that I messed with it to remember.....sorry. You can experiment by just making sure that setbody.esp is above all lovers mods and see if loversSetbody.esp will draw from it.


To do the body replacement you will have to use the CS. Figure out which one you want to replace and dump your new mesh into it (don't forget to install any textures as well if you need them) and then open the setbody.esp with the CS and go to that body and instead of the the upper just occupying the upper slot you will need to select the hands, feet and lower slots in addition to the upper. Save and test things in game by casting the setbody spell on yourself or someone else, then selecting that body from the list.

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Thanks gregathit, helpful as always. =D

Where are the body files in setbody.esp? Are they clothing items (not sure what "layer" bodies are worn in oblivion)?

I'm guessing that the script will tell the character to wear 4 items (upper, lower, head, feet) right? How do I change it so that the script tells the character to just wear 1 item? Do I replace let's say "femaleupperbody" with "wholebody", assign it all 4 body slots, then delete "femalelowerbody" "femalefeet" and "femalehands"?

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Thanks gregathit' date=' helpful as always. =D

Where are the body files in setbody.esp? Are they clothing items (not sure what "layer" bodies are worn in oblivion)?

I'm guessing that the script will tell the character to wear 4 items (upper, lower, head, feet) right? How do I change it so that the script tells the character to just wear 1 item? Do I replace let's say "femaleupperbody" with "wholebody", assign it all 4 body slots, then delete "femalelowerbody" "femalefeet" and "femalehands"?



Ok, to answer your questions as best as I can:

1. Yes the bodies are indeed found under clothing and are all entitled Bombshell*something or other*. You will need to pick one of the uppers that you want to modify before hand so you can find it in the CS and change the body slots to upper, lower, hands and feet.


2. The script I "think" you will want to edit is "Bombshellbodiesconstuct" and here it lines out what each body token is made up of. I am guessing here that you would delete everything after the spelltoken*name* except the upper that you modified in number one.


Please for the love of all that is holy make a back up of your setbody.esp before modifying anything....as I stated before I am extremely crappy at scripting :(

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