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Please help~! Can't find the old mod anymore :'(


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Please help~! Can't find the old mod anymore  :'(

Yesterday my computer was crashed and I had no choice but to reinstall the whole windows and everything.

After I installed the Skyrim game, I also had to reinstall all the mods. And I can't find one of the mod I had before which was my flavourte. That mod allows me to talk to NPCs to ask for sex. It was like the SexLab Romance, but much better. It had full voice speech support. You can even talk to your wife to play roleplay game where you can pretend to be a burglar who broke into her house and rape her.

If you know what that mod is called, please let me know. Thanks very VERY VERY VERY MUCH in advance.

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Sexlab Submit.


Seconding. Also, you should probably ignore the comments in the thread about CTDing, since in your case you're not asking about the dominating/submating part of the mod. Dialogue sex works fine. There's also a patch for that in case you're wondering, until the Submit author updates his mod or whatever (or not really sure which plugin is at fault for causing the CTDs).

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