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Best Revealing Clothing Replacer


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I am using CHSBHC-V2.4, and CBBE textures and hoped to find a clothing replacer that would work with that, but found several outfits in Riverwood that were missing textures...so i turned off NPC_ClothesReplacerPack_CHSBHC which i had tried and am going to try the Killer Keo's Silly Huge Pack 4 which is for CBBE, will CBBE stuff work on CHSBHC body?


I also saw that 2pac's skimpy armor and clothing repalces things with skimpy but i am not sure if it will work with the CHSBHC body...any feedback on that?


I will eventually move on to the custom armors like Tera and the great conversions i see people making but to start i just hoped to get H size or equal on everyone if possible and clothing to match.


Any feedback on what replacer you may use to get a large bust on everyone that works?


next step is face mods as that woman in the shop in Rivenwood who showed me the path to the crypt was seriously fugly.



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OK i am going to try his.


do we need Killer Keos pack installed first?


UPDATE: his stuff looks REALLY good, just what i had hoped for, i will give it all a try today. thanks so much, this will be a big relief if it works..and then i may try the topless veriosn.

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thanks, i went for it and loaded it up solo thanks again.!!!!!!


your help is very very much appreciated. Gives me more time to go back and get smacked around in that dang Crypt..where i got to the final locked door WITHOUT finding the dang Gold Dragon Claw.... one more time :)

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