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Help changes Serana face :[


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To start of I am very inexperienced with the CK. I want to learn how people make a face on their player, and tranfer it to an NPC like Serana. I try all morning but when I edit her face, my game crashes. Is there a place or can someone teach me how to change the face of NPC using cusom contents? I tires using Athernate Actor, but after I finish making the character and changes back to my oringal character, the face become vanilla, with out any custom contents. Any advices would be appriciated.

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Yea I use Racemenu. I tries using the first link first and here is the problem I ran into. I go in game and creates a nord female to my liking. press Z and it export into my SKSE plug-in file. Then I drag that .nif into the Nifmerge it said "The file headparts.csv is missing! Head parts cannot be categorize without that file", but it runs anyway. So myface on the left and Serana face nif 0002b6c on the right. After that I check in game, but Serana face is still the same.

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First of all, all I wants is to make a face, and past it on Serana. Okay, so here is what I have tries so far.

I followed this wiki http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Using_a_face_made_with_Chargen_Extension_on_an_NPC_for_Skyrim, made a face then I try to Nifmerge my face with Serana 0002b6c in Mesh > face Geom > Dawnguard.esm. I follow the instruction

  • Check the Merge child nodes box
  • Press the Match by Vertex button
  • Select the items you want to be overwritten (in the picture, I've set these to the brows, eyes, head and mouth, but you can choose to merge only the head if everything else is fine in the NPC you've created in the CK.
  • Press the Merge to target button and a message telling you that the merge file has been created will pop up.

And got this problem.




It said that I need headpsarts.csv and I should run tes5eddit. I ran tes5eddit over and over again with no errors, it still have the same problem. And "headparts" file is right there below "BSAopt x64". I cant still merge the two nif, but serana face stays the same. Also I didn't have the "Merge child node" box in mine.


So I assume something was wrong with MY nif face, so I open it with Nifskope and got this long list of errors and no image showing.




I guess it's my SaveFace that is causing the problem, but I don't know why.


I uses RaceCompatibility, Racemenu, EnhancedCharatcerEdit, Racemenu plugin, SG hair, SG eyes, custom brow, UNP topmodel, with SG renewal skin.


I try importing the Saveface into Serana NPC in CK, but it turned out weird, with random markings all over her face.


Can any of these messed with my Nif face? I'm stuck and appreciates any helps. Or is there another way to past faces that you make ingame onto other NPC?


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I am afraid this is beyond my ability.  I don't know why CharGen output BSA (Bethesda Art File) instead of Nif.  I am pretty much a noob myself in terms of using nifskope. 


You can wait to see if one of the experts will pop in here or try Dubhorizon's Vilja customization thread to see if he can help. 


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Try expanding the nifmerge window, to see if the merge child nodes box appears. It has to be pressed for things to work. You also seem to be trying to merge two faces with different hairstyles, which won't happen. Nifmerge author mentions it's not done by his program because of crashes. About them appearing like bethesda art files. They must be normal nif files, but you set the default program to open them to be ck so they appear that way.

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I tries expanding it, but still no merge schild nodes. Can you link me to where you get your nifmerge?



I didn't notice before, but now that you mention it, I think the serana 0002B6C.nif is not a vanilla nif. I think it's part of another face mod. I'll just have to uninstall that mod and see what will happens.


What I'm curious now is why my save.nif file doesn't work using nifskope the normal Serana face .nif does.


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Not sure why the merge child nodes box doesn't appear. Do you have the Requirements, as stated in the Nifmerge mod page?


NET Framework 4.0 (and 2.0)
Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Libraries (32 bit)


Google and download those three (two versions of NET Framework and Visual C++) from the Microsoft website to make sure and try opening nifmerge again.


Also from the screenshot the .nif you are tying to edit is definately from a mod, which shouldn't be a problem as long as you do it right.

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I am an idot lol, there was an update right under the core file. Okay I kinda got it to work, I can override her makeup, and the geometry of the face. But I can't seem to able to change her hair and eye colors. Well actully, I am able to change her eye colors, except it become some other color except the one that I acully wants. Do you have any ideas on how to change her hair and eyes?

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To change her hairstyle, that's where it gets tricky. You will have to make the character the way you want her to be, then export with RM AND use console to spf your character, then have the mod's bsa extracted and turned into loose files, the hairstyle you want either added as standalone (recommended) through ck or through making the hair esp a master of serana's.esp, import the spf face in the actors tab of serana, then ctrl+f4 to export the face from ck with the new hair and then use nifmerge and gimp with the RM exports to finalize it. Same applies to the eyes, that should be merged without this whole thing, but with some enb's have a weird blueish hue.

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