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New modder, having trouble with Spouses Enhanced?


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OK, I've also messaged the mod;s creator but posting ehre too just in case it gets lost in the noise!



Hi, I'm new to modding, so I may be missing something basic here - would you mind giving me some help?


I've installed Nexus Mod Manager, the Sex Lab Framework v1.59c, SkyUI 4.1, SKSE, Spouses Enhanced 1.41, then FNIS when prompted by the game - I also ran FNIS's generate tool as per the in-game prompt. But I still don't have a 'My love...' dialogue option. (My spouse is not Serana, it's Vilkas, one of the standard options).


I've attached a screenshot of my NMM Plugins tab which shows the loading order. Any idea what may be happening?





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