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I cannot dismiss Lydia, nor will she follow me


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Confusing isn't it?


My problem is that Lydia's dialogue is stuck in follower mode. When I click to dismiss her, she says "I'll be at your house thane" etc etc but there is no notification that my follower has been dismissed. Dialogue options remain unchanged as if she was a follower. All she does is stay around Breezehome. She never follower me around, always runs away even when I use a batch file to teleport her to my location.


Current PC is lvl 120+ but this problem only happened after about 100+. Since then I've used other followers like Vilja and custom npcs I've made. I thought it was an issue with UFO. I'd go into the MCM and reflag followers or use the debug to remove them but that didn't work. Lydia didn't even appear in my list of followers.


I uninstalled UFO and tried it again. Same lack of change in the dialogue. I've even tried to delete her via console, then add her back into the game via console. She is exactly the same still.


I've used the savegame cleaner recently and have no other follower mods running. Dunno???

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After so much time, she's done with your crap.


Did you try deleting her and summoning another one? You can always kill her, set the follower count to 0 and try with a brand-new lydia fresh from the factory.

yes. Tried that a while ago. no change.

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