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Breast and butt jiggling all the time


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I just noticed that my character's and follower's breast and butt are jiggling all the time. Not sure what is causing this and I have been thru everything I can think of to fix this. Everything is in the right load order according to LOOT. And everything passes thru TES5Edit just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Load order is below.







PS I am still having trouble posting my load order in a spoiler so it is attached.

Skyrim Load Order 11-23-14.txt

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Get rid of Dragonfly. There are several other idles available (right here on LL as a matter of fact). Trying other XML files for your physics could help, too, and there are many of those available here as well. JFF (Just For Fun) is a program that lets you more easily XML files to get the amount of bounce and jiggle you want.

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Ok I have downloaded an XML file but now .....where does it go? I have not a clue to this and I really don't want to screw anything up.


It goes in Skyrim/data/SKSE/plugins. Just copy and paste it in there or drag and drop.


You can hunt down a couple of .xml files and just stick them in there one at a time and test them until you find one that works best for your setup. There's no ONE .xml that can work for everyone.

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