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Opinion Need please


Which one Better  

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  1. 1. Which one Better

    • CBBE Nude Mods
    • DIMONIZED UNP female body

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I constantly change between bodyreplacers depending on the roleplay I intend with my character.


UNP has more clothes I like (mostly unarmored sneak type or mage) and a good stock replacement WIP. I personally do not like that kind of mod where only some part of the meshes are cut off to see some breast or butt. I like sexy clothing though :Pn


Having sex anims in mind: the UNP already bents a little unrealistic (ellbows for example). In extrem positions this will get worse I guess. CBBE seems to be a little better here.


Also some mods are approaching which make it possible to add different bodymeshes to different races. So you could elfs give a flatbreastet UNP and the orcs a douple melon like CBBE if you wish.


As you see: there is no UMP OR CBBE!


It's: both of them :D

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I like UNP, but the lack of armors/clothes for it makes it dull to use. I'll be using CBBE until more conversions are done. Using both is nice too :)


It really comes down to taste if you ask me. The curves on CBBE are sexy just as the realistic form in UNP is also attractive.

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Man, Dimonized was the bane of my existence in Fallout. I can see why some like it, but it was just so vanilla and since it took over in fallout it was hard to find any other body style armors in game. Glad to see that's not the case in Skyrim. I shouldn't be surprised though, Oblivion had a very large amount of body styles as well.

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