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Bandanas have stopped appearing in my game?


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Wacky problem that I just noticed this week... Bandanas no longer appear on my character or any other followers when I equip them. They are still listed to craft, along with pictures of the bandanas and they show as equipped but there's just nothing there.


I have Bandanas Of Skyrim and also Immersive Armors, which I think adds a pair of basic bandanas to the game. I created a merged esp for armor and weapons recently that included Bandanas Of Skyrim but I could have sworn that the bandanas were still appearing after I did that. To test it, I created another merged esp without Bandanas Of Skyrim but the problem is still there.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Could this be a load order problem?

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Which slot do they use, sulaco?


Invisible items are often slot inconsistencies (the armour and armour addon entries in the creation kit have to use the same slots, as do the nifs, otherwise they won't appear visible in the game.) Another thing to bear in mind is something like the devious devices underneath system, which can be set so that having something equipped in one slot makes something in another invisible. I don't know if you use DD, but thought I'd mention it. By default wearing anything in slot 32 (body) hides anything in slot 56 (chastity bra/nipple piercings.) If you use DD and the bandanas use slot 56 that could be it.


EDIT: If they're not appearing on followers either then DD wouldn't be the answer. That system only applies to the PC.

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I'm guessing that what is happening here is that the bandanas are sharing the same slot as the dagger on back hip I set up with Dual Sheath Redux. In the past, when I would equip a dagger, the bandana would disappear. But now what is happening is they are both staying equipped in the same slot but the bandana is not appearing haha


After taking Garrus' suggestion to get my follower naked (rarely a problem), I equipped the bandana and it appeared, no problems.


I am going to try changing the slot for the dagger next time I run the DSR patcher and see what happens.

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