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Random CTD


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Can someone help me. I get random CTD when loading save game in skyrim... I dont know what mod made it crash.. I alrdy run LOOT and BOSS.. But CTD still happen in game.. Can someone help me? I attached my load order in this post..


(im so sorry for my english,english is not my native language,)

(thread edited bcoz i type wrong,my bad)


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First make sure your masters are cleaned and that you have followed any advice provided in your LOOT report.


Next step is to ensure that your system is actually capable of handling the mods your are using. For example, high resolution textures will quickly suck up VRAM and leave nothing for the game to work with.


Go through the first sections of the STEP guide which deals with improving game stability.


One thing to pay attention to is your uGridsToLoad setting. Many guides advise turning this up to 7 or even 9 but some systems don't seem to be able to handle setting this above 5 (default) even when they clearly have the resources.

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