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No sex animations at all

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Hrello everyone i been triying to fix this for the whole day. Been reading every single guide i could get my hands on.
Im about to ragequit and uninstall this. So i need your help. On the moment a sex event should start both people keep staring at each other (in T position).
I have reinstalled everything and run FNIS aroudn 30 times today. I would really apretiate some help.

Edit: the warning is because im not using the base install folder because my C:/ Drive is really small and i only use it for downloading and for windows.



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Looks like your mods may have an order issue.  For instance, the USKP and DLC patches need to be after the what they patch.  For example:




Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp


Unofficial Dawguard Patch.esp


Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp


Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp



If you haven't done this, download LOOT (google it or search on LL) and it will sort your mods.  Whether this solves your problem is another story, but at least you'll be at a better starting position to diagnose the issue.  The issue you describe sounds like someone that has not run FNIS, but you have a Picture of the FNIS generator so that can't be it (although seeing the full error may help).  You might also include a papyrus log (look at the pinned posts in the Skyrim support sections for instructions).


Couple other things for future posting:

1)  NMM can export the load order into the clipboard or a text file.  Look at the buttons on the left side (bottom) in the 'Plugins' tab.

2)  You can click into the text are where the FNIS results are shown, select All, copy them, then paste then into your post here.  That way we can see the entire FNIS results and maybe see something that you missed.

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if its in T-stance then it might be the skeleton that is the problem, do the script that tells the actors to start work, inother words that they do the sounds and such, or do they just stand there and stare at eachother?


do the animations show up in sexlab/ZaZ animation in MCM? if not then you might need to try and reinstal them.

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