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Weird clipping glitch

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Mods installed (all updated)


  -CHBSHC PHysics

  -HDT Physics extension

  -TBBP (Loremonger w/ & w/o collison)

  -XPMS 32 Max Skeleton


Similar problem 





and here





I have the updated XPMS 32 Groovmata's skeleton.  Worked before but I did attempt some Body slide 2 build


also have a SOS issue (worked before on a previous install but I had to re-install the game and now this)





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Hey Zeta09,


I am not familiar with female NPCs experiencing problems with breast distortions, but your last image with your character's "schlong" stretching like that I HAVE seen before.


I had a similar problem with my character's "schlong" remaining stationary, no matter where my character was moving. In the cases of jumping up and down, my "schlong" would stretch like that as well.


So, my question would be, does your character's "schlong" remain erect and pointed all of the time? Because this is not normal function of SOS.


The way to fix this is to play around with your SOS and Sexlab framework load order. You can do this in MO, on the left side load order. My load order has SOS set as a higher priority than Sexlab Framework, making this adjustment caused my "schlong" to behave normally after.

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