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GTA V First person sex scenes


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I haven't played GTA V yet, and won't be able to until the PC version does come out, so no, I didn't know this would be in it.   I just thought it was all gonna be driving and shooting.  I knew it had prostitutes, but just thought it went to a fade to black or something, like a lot of other games do.


So, during this, and things like lapdances, can you look around, or is it a fixed animation that is playing that you don't have any control over?



....and, big whooper, you do realize you posted in an adult gaming sub forum of a primarily adult oriented forum?   LOL  some of us enjoy this stuff regardless of our age and gender. 

Don't condescend.

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Ugh. You interpeted it wrong. I said big whoop in meaning not like we have not seen this in not only other games with or with out adult mods and adult games themselves but in other GTA games. Ok, not as detailed in other GTA games, but you are showing this like its something and fresh even though GTA hookers have been around and or the idea of first person point of view, again nothing new.

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ah, gotcha.   my bad!  thanks for the clarification, I did in fact  interpret your comment wrong.


I suppose I should have stated in my original post that I have not played a whole lot of GTA overall, so I didn't realize this would be nothing new to those who had.





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