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Papyrus log funnies


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I got a point with a level 80 character that some things were no longer working very well pertaining to SexLab, so I was going to take an audacious step and do some clean saving, and hopefully reinstall some mods (including SexLab) after several iterations.


I got to the point, where I can load TES5EDIT and it no longer complains about dependencies, etc. I usually use it to check for things that I forgot to re-enable in the load order that would cause the Skyrim/SKSE loading process to fail before even loading a game.


Well today, I'm stumped. I've removed all my saved games (into a hidden folder), but when I try to launch Skyrim/skse, it immediately crashes, before I can even select a game to load, which of course there are none, so really I should be able to create a new game. Right?


Hmmm. It crashes everytime, AND it produces a Papyrus0.log like it was loading a game...


What the FUCK????


As you can see by the attached log, it is complaining about missing scripts. I have no idea at this point, (if TES5EDIT is happy), I should be able to at least create a new character!


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Ok, I've rebuilt Reproccer.esp and added everything that was removed earlier in the load order to the Blocklist.txt. I also checked Asis.esp to be sure. So, afaict these are clean. But i'm still getting the immediate crash. I'm still generating a Papyrus log, but only 6 lines long.

[11/18/2014 - 04:48:49PM] Papyrus log opened (PC)
[11/18/2014 - 04:48:49PM] error: Native function GetUseSound in empty state does not match existing signature on linked type Potion. Function will not be bound.
[11/18/2014 - 04:48:49PM] Update budget: 1.200000ms (Extra tasklet budget: 1.200000ms, Load screen budget: 500.000000ms)
[11/18/2014 - 04:48:49PM] Memory page: 128 (min) 512 (max) 76800 (max total)
[11/18/2014 - 04:48:52PM] Cannot open store for class "I5KQuest01trigger", missing file?
[11/18/2014 - 04:48:52PM] Error: Unable to bind script I5KQuest01trigger to I5KQuest01 (0C023297) because their base types do not match


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