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Removing followers voice.


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I was wondering if there is any way to remove my followers voice trough console.


Foreksample I am using Yui's custom made followers and I am so tired of the default voices being attached to them.

I don't think the voice fits the character at all and I would much rather just have a completely silent companion.

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Yeah, same here.

Adding mods mid-game is not quite as problematic as removing them, but it can still cause issues.

Problem is, I'm pretty sure there's no console way to remove follower voices.


You *could* create empty audio files of the same filename as those contained in the ESM (same path and everything) as a way to make the game use the empty file as an override, but I'm not sure which files they are or where to locate them... figuring it out might take a while.


You could also load up the mod in the CK and try to alter it that way, but again I'm not sure how to proceed.

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Open mod's .esp in ck, search for your follower in the sub-section actor of the object window. Double click on it, another window should open, select the traits tab, here you will have a field called Voice Type where you can choose... its voice type. :)

Select NONE, hit OK then save.


Edit: forgot to tell you, depending of the voice type you choose, you won't be able to marry your follower/adopt children with it (in case it matters to you).

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