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Reworking some mods and characters


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I'm very new to anything beyond just loading a mod to my game.  I wanted to try my hand to see if I could fix some mods, mostly characters/NPC's and such i've come across that are bugged in what ever ways.  What I mean by bugged is like the skeletons on many follower mods don't seem to want to use custom skeletons, they have vanilla skeleton only.    Others seem to have perma clothing that no matter what you do, the outfit they have is there forever, even if it's far better gear!  Even if you get that clothing to come off, they are perma stuck with generic loincloths that I'ld like to remove.  There's a few race mods I came across that thought were nice, I wanted to try my hand to see if I could fix some of the modeling issues on them.


Sooooo... with all that, I'm wondering if anyone can direct me to resources on how to go about editing them.  Like taking their models and popping them into blender.

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