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  1. Is this a complete replacer or adds the male version? I'd love to have a couple wearing them both same time.
  2. I found the outpost where they should be, but only 2 appeared. I hunted all over the area and couldn't find any more of them.
  3. I'm looking at Anubs Animations, but he doesn't show skeevers on the list. Though the one your arrow points to in picture shows Billy, which I do recall his having skeevers.
  4. Well, the pussies seem to come from many of the BadDog Creature models. Ungates, Cellan and Lyakos have them. Though only look right on those races they correspond with. Ungate has several for all races in that race mod.
  5. Sooo, I'm having weird issue. I haven't seen anyone else mention this. But, I was trying to change my gender from male to female, I do have a pussy add-on for male. It let me select the female pussy for the swap too just fine, but when I change gender it auto resets back to male each time. When I hit GO! it says I swapped too female, but look again and it's back too male. Do males just not function with GB? Also, for NPC's all i'm finding are the no-shlong files, none of my futa ones are apearing on the lists of available shlongs.
  6. I like the Gryphon idea, but can you possibly make this a stand alone, maybe add to level list somehow? I don't want to loose my wittle ratties =^.^=
  7. Being a rather unique look to that area, I can see where could be hastle trying to set it up too look right. Just for laugh, the Horse Shlongs actually work on her for some reason. ALl the rest turn blank.
  8. I ended up fully reloading the races that were having these issues and seems to be working now. So, not sure how to close this topic out.
  9. I loaded the CBBE body textures along with them and still didn't fix it at all.
  10. I don't suppose there will be any update that might let us add otter shlong to females for us shemales and herm types?
  11. I'm using Vortex for my mod manager. That being said, I've had same issue with different mod managers in past. I'm currently unable to make the textures for new races to match how they are supposed too on females. The nipples are way to high and hips have massive gaps. I'm using CBBE 3B body type currently. the BD Ungulate seems to have the biggest issue right now in particular. Lyacose and Cellan working just fine. Though, some reason the Cellan won't let me adjust the body in bodyslide at all, but i'm more worried about fixing textures right now =^.^=
  12. If I put shlongs on females, some times they hover in front of pelvis. BTW, is there reason they get removed during animations? And is there way to fix that?
  13. I'm sure someone has asked this already, but can you make the Racoon race a stand alone non-replacer?
  14. Or do sanguine quest and bring your "Wife" home with help of marraige mod, haha. I have hag raven replacer installed, so they are birb ladies instead.
  15. That actually happened!!! I tried to dump her in the basement of my house. Suddenly she apeared outside the house untied. So now I have dead Hag Ravens and my pets had nothing to play with.
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