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Cant re-order mods in mod organiser


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I'm having the Sex lab-SOS-Papyrus util error which is apparently solved by placing SOS above Sexlab in the load order, however due to Sexlab being (apparently) a "false flagged ESP" it is locked at the very top along with the other false flagged ESPs. I cant move SOS above it. Is there any way around this? The only way i can think of would be to manually change it in the skyrim launcher but then i wouldent get SKSE. If i changed it in skyrim launcher and then loaded skse through mod organiser then it would get changed back to Sexlabs above SOS.



Now im just confused, Loading the launcher through mod organizer shows a different loadout order to mod organiser? whats going on?

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SexLab and SoS are both esms, (certainly the full version of SoS is - not sure about the light version) so you can have them in whichever order you like amongst all the other esms up at the top of your order. The only part of SoS full that should be an esp is the specific schlong type you chose when you installed it. If you can't switch the two esms in your load order then I'd suggest re-downloading and re-installing them both, because something must have gone wrong. (Again, this is for the full version of SoS. I've never used the light one.)


Don't forget with MO you have two orders: the priority list on the left and the actual load order on the right. For the most part you'll want both lists to be in the same order. So try to make sure SoS is above SexLab in both lists.


If you can't find any way of having SoS above SexLab in your order then the alternative is to download the latest version of Payrus Util from the non-adult mods section and install that over both of them.

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Not sure what i did, but its fixed now, SOS wasent one of the false flagged things, and thus it couldn't be up at the top with the other false flagged things, same went for NMM, but for whatever reason it is in bold/italics now, so its working. TY anyway

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