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Breast size help


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So im using a bunch of mods and I can raise my chacters breast size to huge BUT when I do the size change is only apparent when she has clothes on.  Im not looking for a technical fixx per se but maybe some insight as to whats happening?


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It would be a lot easier to tell you what is going on if we'd knew which mods you mean when you say "im using a bunch of mods and I can raise my chacters breast size to huge". We aren't wizzards, we can't know like that what mods you are using and therefore what is going on.

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If you just want some insight armors come with their own "body" so the boobs will be as big as the author who made them want em to be changing breats size only affects the naked body I hope this is what you wanted to know its hard to unterstand what exactly you mean.

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