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Devious Devices Nipple Piercings

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Hello folks,


I'm trying to get the nipple piercings from Devious Devices to show up correctly on my character. Right now they hang suspended in the air about an in game "inch" away from her nipples. 


I'm using the following plugins in this order, is there anything that I might be missing? Or perhaps an alternative setup?


UNP Blessed Body Redux v2.5.2 with T/BBP support and Body Options, Victoria High Heel Walk, XP32 Breast Movement, 360 Direction, VHH BBP 360, and Idle Animations selected

XPMS Skeleton v1.93alpha with XPMS default, No Joy of Perspective, No left hip bolt quiver, XPMS default sword and dagger, and Skeleton Rig Map selected.  

FNIS 5.1.1

Sexlab Framework  v159c

Sexlab Aroused Redux v12

ZAZ Animation Pack Main 600

ZAZ Animation Pack Textures 600

ZAZ Animation Pack 601

HDT Highheels System v0.5 Beta

HDT Breast and Butt Physics - TBBP and BBP supported v1.4

Devious Devices Assets v2.8.2

Devious Devices Integration v2.8.2

Devious Devices Expanded v1.1.5 


Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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When you install DD Assets the installer should give you all the breast/bounce options the UNPB installer did, so if you pick the same option they should align ok. It works for me with the gravity TBBP body, and has also worked with the BBP one. I'm not sure I've ever tried it with the non-g TBBP version.


At the very least (if you haven't done this already) I'd suggest reinstalling both your body and DDa, and make sure to pick the same options in each.


The other thing to consider is: are you completely naked or wearing any armour/clothing? Pretty much all body-slot armours or clothes come packaged with their own body. In effect, you're not just equipping the armour piece, you're also equipping the body it was sculpted to fit, and if that's different to the body you have installed then the piercings won't align. This probably isn't happening to you (and without changing default settings in the DD MCM you wouldn't even be able to see the piercings if wearing body-slot armour, even if it's topless armour) but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

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Thank you for the response, appreciated!


BBP didn't work, but when I switched to TBBP 2.5g as recommended for Devious Assets and UNPB Body the rings show up right at the nipples, so thats good.  Now though my character's jiggle has gone away. :P


Still this gives me direction on where to look towards, so not feeling so lost, thanks again! :D


Edit: Installing the latest version of HDT Physics Extensions 14.28 has brought back the blessed jiggle, so I think I'm good now.

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