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Realistic Boob Bounce (sharing my hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP set up)


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As the title says this file is designed to make boobs behave like, well.. boobs, except with none of that overly bouncy Balloon Boob Physics stuff. If that's what you're looking for, if you like voluptuous springy cartoon boob physics (which I will admit, although fake in appearance, is still rather entertaining) then you should probably look elsewhere. This file was meant to replicate the real thing as much as possible.


On another note, the ass may not jiggle EXACTLY like the real thing.. just yet anyway, but it's convincing enough. I'll work on that a bit later.. maybe.


The file I'm running this with is "hdtPhysicsExtensions 10-24" or the "stable version". I have no idea how this will behave with the later versions, and I don't really care to try, as I have always had some pretty weird things happen with the updated versions of that file..


Short demo here (sorry for the small size I wasn't sure how big of a GIF file I can leave here)



The file here:

Realistic Boob Bounce.rar



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