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I have the benefit of missing all the oblivion stuff before this year!


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I never got into oblivion modding or adult modding for it either, went straight to skyrim. I played oblivion and beat it two times sure but never used mods or adult stuff with it until this year! So for me, just about everything on this site and elsewhere is new to me! Haven't been able to play other games since I got burned out on skyrim and picked up oblivion and adult mods for it.


I ended up being frustrated with skyrim because of sos mod light version has problems with making junk bigger by default causes butts and other parts to get big too wtf? I was killing the ebony warrior and noticed my butt looked big in stalrim armor for some reason. That just killed it for me it was the last bit of bugs that I was tired of dealing with. Just decided to ditch skyrim for a while and check back on it later next year gonna go nuts with oblivion and crazy mods for it.

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