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Need help with the Children Of The Sky mod!!


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I recently added the Children Of The Sky mod to my long list of mods, and I love it! I've only a coule of questions, however.


First, there is a head glitch with just one of the kids, Lucia. Her body is just fine, but her head is... Very very odd. I'm not sure how to descibe it, lol.

I've attached some pictures, and I do hope we can find a fix for this! I do love the mod and I want to keep it around.


I should mention that I do use a mod that terns the Orhanage kids into Khajiit kittens. Could that be a conflict? Also, I created a new game/character to ensure that the mod worked properly. :)




My other question was, how do I have the kids wear default clothing? The provided clothes are very nice, but I'm wanting a more "innocent" feel to my kids, save the skimpy stuff for me. ;)

Is it possible to also gift them with clothes and have them weqar the outfit?


Thanks so much in advance!

~ Liz



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Guest carywinton

That's a pretty common bug you are dealing with, used to happen to the NPC girl Aeta in the Skaal village with the Dragonborn DLC. What is shows is that something is conflicting with the Sky Kids mod and not allowing the changes to Lucia. What you need is TESVEdit a program used to help find and correct mod conflicts. I will be honest here, it's a pretty difficult program to work with at first, but once you do figure out how to use it, especially for running a "conflict filter" you will wonder how you ever got by without it.


Until then, try putting COTS lower in the load order. Also if you are actually using COTS or RCOTS, rather than Sky Kids, than you are dealing with an older mod that has little to no support anymore. Sky Kids is the last one I know of for Skyrim that actually has active support, on Loverlab anyway, there are "other" places that have a better selection for the little people, Loverslab does not really support them.

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I would suggest uninstalling it and installing SkyKids instead. SK is far less problematic, more stable, still has good support and it will give your kids that more innocent look you want. SpyderArachnid also made an alternative for the child replacer so the kids look a little more like ®CoTS kids, but without the slutty clothes.

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Lucia comes with the Hearthfire DLC as an adoptable child. The reason her head looks so effed up is because the main CotS files only modify non-DLC children. Basically, Lucia has a modded body and clothing, but her head is vanilla, and vanilla is ugly. Luckily, the CotS download comes with a Hearthfire Patch which you can install separately. All you have to do is extract the folder called OPTIONAL - Hearthfire Addon, copy the data file, and paste it in your directory the same way you would with any mod. Copy and replace, and all that jazz.

I, for one, intend to check out SkyKids. I just want to see if it's any better then CotS.

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