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TDF Prostitution and Pimping installation help; Always a CTD


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Hi. I must be missing SOMETHING, because I'm fairly new to modding, but everything else I've installed seems to go smoothly, until I install TDF's Prostitution and Pimping. I have all the requirements (installed one at a time to make sure there was no hiccups, everything was fine), and then BAM!!! CTD right after the first loading screen each and every mother effing time. I load in the stupid file into Mod Organizer, run the stupid LOOT, fix the stupid LOOT's plugin order so Schlongs is above Sexlab (otherwise nothing works), run the stupid FNIS, see TDF being read, everything is lovely, no error messages AND NO WHORES!!!! GAHHH!









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Start by fixing your Skeleton.

- Install Realistic Ragdolls and Force, as instructed in the download page.

- Move the skeleton last - or at least very close to it - in your Mods priority list. Don't let animations to overwrite it in priority. FNIS will register those for it.


- Install Unofficial Skyrim Patch + DLC patches. Run LOOT after doing so.


- Activate SKSE memory fix, if you haven't already done so.


- Rework your Bashed Patch after resetting your load order.



SOS/SL compatibility issue is because SOS happens older PapyrusUtil installed. SL needs to overwrite it

- You can avoid moving them by installing up-to-date version of PapyrusUtil and let it overwrite both.


I can't see inside your patch and I haven't used all mods in your load order - Elven Overhaul and Pipe Smoking are completely unknown to me. Will this prevent you from crashing? Hard to say. At least it will be much closer for being stable and maybe you will someday get your whores.

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