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Question about Projectile decals and Nif files


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I had a question about Projectile decals and Nif file nodes. 


Is there a flag to set a static object to not allow projectile decals (Bullet Hole damage) ?  I want to set it so it does not. And would it be a flag in the node/trishape or a setting somewhere in the bhkCollisionObject block? I would also like to do it to a model has a bhkRigidbody that is keyframed type and OL_anim_static.


I had thought it was controlled by the HavokMaterial setting of the bhkConvexVerticesShape using  (HAV_MAT_Organic_Stairs) for no decals..  but tried that and the other ones that work with fallout with no change.


Could it be the Solver Deactivation setting?






EDIT: Figured it out.  I will come back this week and explain in-case anyone else runs into the same problem.

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