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Need help with SOS for Females


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Hello guys. I have problem with SOS for Females. I downloaded main SOS plugin, B3lisario Addon, SOS Racemenu Plugin. When I'm opening Racemenu, I see SOS sliders for males, but when I change sex, I see only Erection slider. Anyone have idea how to fix it?



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They likely won't work with the light. Most of SOS has scripts and such that allow the "extra" features to be functional. Light only gives a penis and little else.


Did you try to use the "showracemenu" command to fix and adjust the player? There have been some issues with the "sexchange" command and Skyrim. I have that problem with a mod Alternate Actors as it messes the change from male to female. I believe it is safe to change the look of the character just not the race. Others might be able to chime in on that better than me.

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Ok, thanks for explain. I tried change look but it still won't works...I always use "showracemenu" to change anything. I have no idea what to do  :-/




I repaired that in half way. I instaled Brawl Bug Patch. I get another problem. I'm using The Nigheim race. I have sliders in other races but not in Nigheim. Is there any way to make SOS compatible with custom races? 

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I really don't do much except install and play. I don't know how to help further. Possible that the individual that created/maintains the SOS could create a patch(s) for various races. If not perhaps give some aid in creating a compatibility patch for others to create. It might be time to post some questions on the SOS thread.

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