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Issue Changing Race


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Just downloaded a new race, (if its any help its the 'The Ashen - Oriental Beauty Race) and every time i open the race menu using the console command 'showracemenu' it sets my magicka down by 100... This is really frustrating because as a mage magicka is important.


Does this happen to anybody else? And how can i get around it? Thanks all!

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If you change your race it resets your stats.


If you do showracemenu and keep your race and just change hair/face/etc it stays the same.


You can write down your stats for each skill and when you change race do player.setav destruction 100 or player.setav (skill you want) (rank you want it)



If your character goes back to his/her hands tied. It usually means stats reset.

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thats weird. the last time i fiddled in that menu my stats stayed the same. but then i wasn't changing my race. were you changing your current race to that oriental one? if so then that may be the problem. and btw' date=' is magicka the only stat affected?



Magicka is the only stat affected my others liek destro and 1h all stay the same, and i do get a level up.


Just tested this out a bit more and it does do this for every race

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You can also use the console command "player.SetRace _____". That will change the race to whatever you want without the loss of stats.


From there you can use the showracemenu to change the appearance of the character. If you jump to another race (while in showracemenu) and the hands appear to be bound together then you'll lose your original stats.


the race console name for the Ashen is "OraezeRace"


Hope this helps.




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