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Never ending sex

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I haven't had this particular problem (for that I am grateful). I'll still try to help so you don't feel abandoned though.


Firstly - Are you using the automatic cycle or did your configure Lovers to use the jump key? If so, are you pressing the jump key?

Are you using a mod manager such as OBMM? If so, are there any conflicting omods?(red box next to the omod title) If so x2, are you using BOSS to sort out the load order of your omods to ensure that you get the proper mods loaded?


Also, try the search function if you haven't. I think I may have seen such a problem in one the threads I was reading, but didn't apply to me at the time so I didn't check it out.

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When I approach a bed' date=' after a little wait, the sex animations start, but they never end. When I go to the map a dialog appears that tells me "Why would I want to leave in the middle of this". What mod may cause this, and how do I fix this?



MysticImp, if you want more than random guesses as to what your problem may be you will need to provide us with your load order and a list of your utilities and their versions (like OBSE v20 and Pluggy v125c and so on). :)


Likely as mentioned in the previous post it may be a setting that you haven't set or it could be as simple as a bad load order.

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