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Problem with sexlab mods

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I have a problem : I don't have any animations with the mods I installed, sometimes there are the sounds, but nothing else.

Maybe someone could make me a Data Folder with some addons I request and what they need?

And if there are so, if some are not compatible?

And BTW, sorry, I have no idea how the papyrus thing work.


(Thoses are the one I currently tried to use)


Milk Mod Economy - Beeing Female - Estrus Chaurus - Dangerous Nights - Defeat - XP32 (or however it's wrote) - Cum Shots 


I think it's about it.

Sorry if that topic is against the rule or something.


Thanks for reading that message/topic


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For Papyrus do the following: Within your your skyrim.ini insert the following



fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS = 500.0

bEnableLogging = 1

bEnableTrace = 1

bLoadDebugInformation = 1


Then after your next start, you'll the logfile here: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\skyrim\Logs\Script


And for the animations: Did you use the FNIS_Generate_for_Users.exe tool? Like the explanation given by the FNIS creators tells you?

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Thanks for the answer, but I can't find the logfile.

Plus I did use the FNIS_Generate_for_Users.exe correctly, took the skeleton arm fix cause it was requested...


Also, I noticed that only a few mods were in my Mod Configuration : Sexlab Framework, Sexlab Aroused, Dangerous Nights, ZaZ Animations and SkyUI.


BTW, I'm playing Skyrim with Steam (with SKSE installed ofc).

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