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The Uguu Compilation

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The Uguu Compilation



A three-part release; comes with five unique races, an optional CM Partner plugin, and a bonus plugin with over 30 Uguu poses!

Click a character to see a preview!


See enclosed readme for more details, and stay tuned for future updates!

Major Contributors:

Eiries-High Uguumancer
HoneyVanity-Priestess of Uguu
Haishao-Demon Queen of Uguu (Red Kawaii variant)
Halofarm-Master of Uguu Motions (Pose mod and tails)


Whoever made the race and posted the pics on SHY
Whoever else I forgot

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wouldn't it be great if their battle cries came from this video? would be the cutest race ever... well, okay, those whatever they are from tera online are cuter but this is an obscennely close second



the UGUG!!! would be to be hit and the crying uguu would be after defeat

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i tried to make a voice file, but not enough uguus for battle animations... still, i could not add them to game either... they are mp3 unless oblivion uses a different kind of audio files, i only sampled them as i saw fit, here are the voice files and what are they asigned to, i have no idea how to add them ingame, any useful info? some are way too short for winamp to play them so you will need windows media to do so

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allow me to say................

THATS the mod i had installed and truly enjoyed 24/7 about 5 years ago.

and by truely enjoyed....heh.....i mean.....before i knew how to installed sex mods and had clean fun with the Uguu.

its just something about the face i really like.....a smile just looks better on their faces. :) 
everyone in oblivion ugly as people seem to say they are.....they all look awesome with a smile on their faces.

i actually giggled first time i seen a golden saint smile at me since they are always so grumpy and frowny

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