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A few questions.

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So I managed to get the basic sexout mod working, which is a small accomplishment for someone new to modding.

So my first question is about the camera. Is there any way to view the scenes in first person, like from the view of my character? 

I have the mod Enhanced Camera, which seems like it would work really well here. But it still forces me to 3rd person and wont let me zoom in. Is there a mod that would allow this?

Second, what's the conflict with the Body by Race mod? Is it just that the different bodies would throw off the animation positions? Would the Positioning mod fix that if that's the issue? 

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There's no way to do that right now, now. The way sexout plays the animations (with PickIdle) does not work for the player unless you are in 3rd person. The future change to PlayIdle should solve the problem. There is no ETA on when that will be done. It's a big undertaking.


BTW, this has nothing to do with TFC. TFC is just there to let you fly around with the camera instead of just revolving it around the actors. TFC itself actually complicates matters even more, because it's similar to 1st person -- a lot of the stuff sexout does only works when TFC is off. So it has to make sure not to turn TFC on until the correct time, and to turn it off before the cleanup stuff runs as well.


If you adjust it in the middle of the act (toggle it off/on), and don't put it back before the end, it will break things if the act involves the player. This will be fixed eventually too, since thanks to jaam we can now determine if TFC is off or on via NVSE.

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