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No, the animations that play are the choice of the modder who writes the script to initiate the sex animation through SexLab. Speaking as a modder, I don't restrict female-female scenes to only play dedicated "FF" animations because there really aren't that many currently, so having those few repeat in all such instances quickly gets boring.

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I'm just spit-balling here:


Set up a quest, with the sole purpose of containing a script. The script is:

SexLabFramework Property SexLab Auto

Event OnInit()
RegisterForModEvent("AnimationStart", "ReplaceAvailableAnimations")

Event ReplaceAvailableAnimations(string eventName, string argString, float argNum, form sender)
int StageAtBeginning = SexLab.HookStage(argString) ; for later, you'll see
actor ActorList[] = SexLab.HookActors(argString) ; get the Actors that will be animating
if (ActorList.Length == 2) && (SexLab.FemaleCount(ActorList) == 2) ; make sure the actors are both female
sslThreadController th = SexLab.HookController(argString)
th.SetLeadAnimations(SexLab.GetAnimationsByTags(2, "LeadIn", "Vaginal,Anal,Blowjob,Boobjob")) ; set lead in anims
th.SetAnimations(SexLab.GetAnimationsByTags(2, "FF,Oral,Cunnilingus", "LeadIn,Vaginal,Anal,Blowjob,Boobjob", false)) ; set primary anims
int StageNow = SexLab.HookStage(argString) ; if the stage has advanced since we started, bring it back
if StageNow > StageAtBeginning

I'm not sure that this would work, but maybe... I'm sure someone smarter will chime in.

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