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Maximum Smithing and Enchanting and Alchemy- how to


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Hello guys

playing skyrim with the devious devices (the arm cuffs and the bra) made hell lot of difficult to even hold the bow or sword equipped.

so i thought of making armors stronger, so searched the internet and got the answer, the whole circus took me 2hrs to complete.

just for the two portions that are to be needed.


of course i am telling you about the "Enchanting-Alchemy-Enchantin-Alchemy-smithing" loop.


 i just want to share with you guys the base id code without the need to go thorough all the loop to create the maximum effective portions, they are


32% stronger enchanting potion(max)



130% stronger smithing potion (max)




smithing armors are- Chestpiece, Cloak(tried in sovngarde armor), Necklace, Gauntlets, Ring


Smithing armors are-Helmet, Necklace, Gauntlets, Rings.


note rings, gauntlets, and necklace are common


this you may find useful as the portions have less time of action, requiring repitative actions.


Good-day to you all


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