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  1. Hello, Thanks for the good mod. My question is at the line of 347102, 125th 'various animation', do we have to copy all the sitting animation to the general folder holding the female and male folder?. have a nice day.
  2. How good are these animations according to you? can we add 'em along yours?
  3. high potential with milk mod economy and being a cow mods. Thank for the mod. have a nice day.
  4. hello How and what mods have the ogres? How Pc body is so shiny? How was it possible for double horns and whiskers? Can you Share body preset? Thanks in advance
  5. Nice face preset, can you share?

    1. Brittany11101


      It's not my character - it's Belldandy follower from this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/94990?

      I hope that helps.

    2. nutsnuts


      thanks. wish a nice day to you.

  6. Hello, Good mod as ever. Is there any possibilities of adding veins around breasts? If so is there any guide for it. I tried this, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/20156?tab=description, but it results in hand mismatch and the mod is too old. have a nice day.
  7. My man good luck to you. Hope you share it with others when you done . have a nice day.
  8. could you upload your bodyslide preset? Thank you have a good day
  9. After the 4th step should i remove the nif optimiser from the meshes folder before re-zipping it. Have a good day.
  10. any possibility for porting this mod to sse?
  11. body does not scale with milk mod economy breast growth. How do I change this?
  12. will this mod work with recent devious devices mods?
  13. texture for 2k with no tan lines, no pubes has wrong misalinged texture in 5.6.
  14. Hello I now know why that happens, The cuirass slot makes it disappear. This same happened with Hermaeus mora mod. Any thoughts on this?
  15. Thanks for the suggestions since I was suffering. I started to play a new start. The issue resolved. It appears that I will never complete this game in my youth. My PC is witness for the number of times I started anew. Good Day.
  16. Hello Mod so good , gives man cramps here. I have this issue where the hunters capture me and my character just stands on the Dwemer machine doing nothing. And the hunters simply walk away to oblivion. what could be causing this?. I have enabled dwemer milking in mme, then what still is causing this? Any Help is appreciated.
  17. Hello Scivirus Thanks for good converted mod. Skirt for some reason disappears after a second or two and I don't know why(both normal and sexy one). Could it be possible for you to look into this? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96311?tab=files Good day.
  18. Any potential use with Tirk the horny reikling? Great mod.
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