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[Question] Cutting Up Armor


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I have an armor here from a CotS megapack. The armor consists of pants, a headband, and a Sarashi (chest bandage). I wanted to cut up the armor so that I can Isolate the Sarashi and wear that by itself.


In the attachment, I have clicked on the Sarashi to highlight it. This is the part I want to keep, and the rest I want to get rid of. Is it as simple as backing up the .nif, and then deleting the other parts?


Thank you in advance.


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Just click the part you want to remove so the wireframe shows, right click the part, then choose block and "remove branch". Do this to all parts you want removed. Then save it and be sure to overwrite the original. Repeat for size 0 and size 1 nifs as well.


I use Mod Organizer (and hang on to mod archives) so I use NifSkope to open the installed mod in MO's mod folder and modify it and overwrite. This lets it show in game and if I want to undo the changes I just reinstall the mod into MO and it's all back to normal.

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