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Modification for Nehrim, the total conversion of Oblivion.


Makes Kim the same sex as the player character.

This works by changing which version of Kim in enabled when she or he is introduced. Therefore it will not replace Kim in an existing save made after his or her introduction.


Update 1.1: It seems that Kim's sex is determined every time she or he is introducred in a quest. I've modified the scripts for MQ07 and MQ19 to fix this.

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further testing has found that Kim reverts back to his or her original sex when reintroduced at the quest "Into the Forsaken Country." Looking for a fix now.


Update: fixed. After his or her first introduction, Kim's sex is determined at each quest she or he is in. So if you've found (e.g.) that she transformed into a man next time you see her, the best solution is to reload a save before that quest. Failing that, he should transform back into a she the NEXT time you meet him/her. It may also be possible to fix by restarting the quest with console commands, but as that risks breaking the game I haven't tried.


In related news, I've discovered a fresh appreciation for the need for non-gendered pronouns.

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