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can somebody help me with this LOG


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The crash is likely from SexLab, unfortunately it happens from time to time. The mod hitting your log hard is Beeing Female, there is a constant stream of errors from it and is likely having an impact on other scripts and the speed that they run. Having a papyrus log over 1mb is a good indication that you have problems happening even if you don't notice them in game.

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i have another papyrus log for you guys i'm sorry but it's probalby being female which gives a lot of errors and other things, i am ready to deactivate/unninstall it. the only problem is how can i safely deactivate it without causing my save to totallly fck up. one thing crazy anough my game crashes if i activate dd: assets, i ran fnis and loot after it but it still carshes if i have activated dd:assets. 

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