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Animations Don't Start


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Sex animations won't play, I sit in the bleeding state and nothing happens. If I try to proc a surrender again I CTD. What stands out the most to me (other than the mountain of other bugged scripts stuck in my save) is this line right here:


Error: Cannot call SetAnimations() on a None object, aborting function call
[_SLSubmit (C4001826)]._slsubmitscene.PlayerSex() - "_SLSubmitScene.psc" Line 741
[alias PlayerRef on quest _SLSubmit (C4001826)]._slsubmittargetselect.CheckActors() - "_SLSubmitTargetSelect.psc" Line 82
What does this mean?



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The error is saying there is an issue with the Player's alias, it should point to your character but looks like it does not any more. Something else I noticed is the BYOH script watching everything you do, several other people with script issues have had that same thing happening. The BYOH script is from Hearthfire but the standard script does not do that, likely it is a modified version from a house mod (I use Hearthfire and the Unofficial patch and do not have that happening).

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