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Anti Aliasing


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It's a little difficult to see what's happening from the image - everything is the same color. What can be seen is aliasing in the foliage. Is this where you are seeing it? Are you seeing it anywhere else? If it's just the trees then perhaps there is an issue with a tree/foliage mod.


There are special considerations for graphical settings when using an ENB. The FXAA in the Skyrim launcher settings must be turned off and the settings for Skyrim in your graphics driver should be set to application control. Then the AA settings in your ENB will be used.


If you are using mod organizer make sure you are setting the ini options for the current profile.


I would go back to the instructions for the ENB you are using and make sure everything is set correctly.


Using the default Skyrim launcher can interfere with the ini files so this needs to be configured before changing any other settings.

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