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Szenes in the Game (like Roggvirs execution in Solitude) not playing, People (like merchants) missing.


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Sorry if this is an old and known Problem, or well actually that would be perfect as it would help me find a solution.
However i couldn't find anything about this Quest that did actually help me to solve it, so perhabs you can help me with this.

I also have a suspition what could have caused this and it would help me even if i could get a comfirmation for that.


So my Problem came to light as such:

I have reached a Point in the Game where i went to Solitude. i know from previous playtroughs (well, plays, never really played it "trough") that Roggvir should be executed right there and then everything should be going fine.
Alas on the Plaza next to the entrance of Solitude where this shoudl be happening, only two people were to be seen: Roggvir and the unfriendly Woman from the Fine Clothing store. 

I searched a round a bit and came to using the setstage SolitudeOpening 200 command. i Used that and at first the Soldiers started attacking me. So i did load an earlier save traveld to before the gates of solitude and entered that code again.
The Woman and Roggvir were gone but so were several merchants from that small marketplace and the keeper from the inn. I haven't checked if further people were misisng (i will do that later) but i highly suspect that it will be missing people.

The thing is that i had the same happening with scenes in Whiterun. The Scene with the Akaviri who are after the Redguard Woman in the Bannered Mare Inn was missng the guards and in front of Whiterun a man was talking to someone about his return whithout there beeing someone to answer him.

Now i have a very feint notion that Open Cities Skyrim is at fault for this since there was a suugestion in this direction somewhere on the net AND since i had it installed first and removed it later.
I removed it later for performance and i read that certain scripts can get stuck to the savegames causing many of the Problems with skyrim. Now i don't know if that is right or what. I also should point out that i have a heavily modded Skyrim, mostly using STEP and afew additions of my own, like Frostfall (well and SexLab stuff of course).

I use Mod Organizer,  SKSE and SKUI,  Loot, TES5Edit, Wrye Bash, and FNIS (generally when you know what is in STEP than you know what is in this) and generally know how and when to use these (in a normal, enthusiast gamer/user way).



Please tell me what you need to know to be able to help me, how i can get you that and if you have an idea what caused this how to solve it.

Could also be a Mod called Immersive Winterhold College. It was suggested that it would be better to use a new Savegame with it and... well i didn't since it wasn't written like "DO THAT".
It is okay when people suggest to start anew but if i could avoid it that would be nice. X-P


EDIT: I Just remembered that, A while after the missing szenes in and around Whiterun i found that Carlotta Valentia never was at her marketstand in Whiterun. Only trough using commands i could get her back.

EDIT 2: So after writing up the Carlotta Valentia Edit i remembered that i actually uninstalled Open Cities Skyrim BEFORE i even reached Whiterun because it caused a performance crash so that i could not get close to the city without a crash to Desktop.


So i am kind of shure that this is what caused the Problem. I think i just never realised there were more Problems because the other scenes in Whiterun worked well and i never have been to any of the other main cities besides Whiterun.

Any hints and help that could fix this Problem BESIDES reinstalling Open Cities Skyrim are really welcome because otherwise i would have to start from the beginning AGAIN.

I meant this time i would have everything all right, all mods that i want and the knowledge what NOT to use and such but i would really like to avoid to having to do that again. X-P


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I tried it and it didn't fiyx it.

However i found the missing NPCs. I activated one of the quests that would lead me to Roggvirs sister. Strangely she was shown to me as beeing OUTSIDE of Solitude. Upon leaving Solitude i suddenly heard battlenoise from ATOP Solitude. I searched for and used the NoClip Command 9in the Console and found that lots of NPCs were floating over the city (some of them beeing the Soldiers that just fought and killed Roggvir) wich isn't there because you have to enter the gate to load and reach it. Many NPCs were floating about some of wich i suspect to have been from the Interesting NPCs Mod.
So i really think that Installing and then removing Open City Skyrim was effing me over.


Is there an easy way to get all NPCs where they belong? If i think about all the potential floating about and having to be repositioned NPCs i get mentally sick. I think at this point it would be better to restart the game. X-P

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Yeah, stay away from mods like Open Cities, Civil War Overhaul etc. Open Cities adds very little to the game experience while hitting the performance like a truck. Same goes with Civil War for example. There was a good reason why Bethesda cut the whole war to the point we are experiencing in the game.

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