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pregnancy belly + bodyslide armor not working correctly


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My character is wearing the Dragonbone Marauder cuirass customised for bodyslide and it works perfectly, except when I get the pregnancy belly. The armor is optimsed for pregnancy belly and when I look at it in bodyslide it looks perfect, however in game the armor behaves like it should but the belly itself doesnt actually bulge out (the belly is visible at all times with the marauder cuirass and should bulge out), when I remove the armor the belly bulges like it should.

I have tried several bodyslide base bodies but the same always happens.


Any ideas ?

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Pregnancy Belly Slider in Bodyslide has nothing to do with pregancy mods support ingame.


First is just a morph in Bodyslide second is actual weighting on the body and scaling a node


Ok that makes sense.


I still dont understand why it doesnt work though, the belly bulges like it is supposed to while naked and the armor acts as if modified by the pregnancy mod but the belly doesnt bulge while wearing the armor.

Not sure what Im missing.

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