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I noticed something. . . someone else test plz?

Monsto Brukes

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it seems that NPC * Breast > Angular X doesn't have any consistency with the other Angular params.


I was using JFF to make/check it, but verified the xml (thru xmlnotepad) has the right data.


I set all the other angular and linear values to zero, then set angular min/max to 5.0 and no effect. Only when I set it to constraing range -25>25 and center of mass 20 did I see any affect. . . and it wasn't moving the way I thought.


If I'm seeing it right in my head, I believe Angular X should b pendulum front-to-back. as if the axis were going left-to-right thru the shoulders, angular-x would swing on that axis. Y swings left to right, on an axis front to back, and Z swings around, on an axis parallel to the spine.


Angular X appear to not swing at all, but randomly orbit in any direction.

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interesting. . . it appears that "the problem" is that the original axis point (center of mass) is so dead center that no other parameter has any affect. It's trying to 'orbit' an axis that it's origin is right on top of.


changing the center of mass changes orientation and has an affect, but asthetically, it doesn't help much... it seems to move along the Y axis (plus = bkwd, minus = fwd). it'd be better to move along the Z (vertical)

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