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(edit: Guess it is right, this doesn't really solve the problem)

Guest Vendayn

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Guest Vendayn

(this was more a temporary solution than a permanent one. So I have edited this...wouldn't really fix the problem. Sorry about that. Was trying to do a good thing, but not the right thing in the end.)

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This topic is useless it only confuse and will give the ones you don´t like more fuel to troll or say more.


I post screens majority don't like, i still post anyway i don't give damn about the likes or what people say negative.


Just post your screens whatever you like, don't try separate the community with a similar topic because some can't  handle the critics it only feed the negative ones.


Likes are nothing i get most of the time 0-1-2 sometimes 8 maybe 10 nut i still post nomatter what, when do people learn just place your damn screenshots ignore likes and negative commands.


LL suppose to be friendly and adult site ACT like it OK.


My humble personal opinion burn me if you like i don't mind or care :D


Btw i don't post SCREENSHOTS in here i don't agree with this topic and let the negative win.


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Guest NeonFirefly

Nope. This is not the solution. If there's an argument on a thread, you don't just nuke it from orbit and start afresh. It's more than possible to just get over it and learn from the past. I'm sticking with the SYSC thread, because I think it's better to work on its problems there, rather than start something new that's gonna inevitably end up turning out the same way.

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